Elsie Ramsey
1 min readOct 4, 2020

What Does Radical Self Love Mean?

Today I listened to a message about ego. The Reverend Phil asked a congregation worshipping virtually — many likely disheveled and still in pajamas — ”what is the source of your righteousness”?

Is it the clothes you wear?

The restaurants where you (used) to eat?

Your political affiliation?

Your preferred streaming platform?

That last one I made up. Just seeing if you’re paying attention.

This is a question deserving of serious reflection.

Don’t we all set ourselves apart from the “maddening crowd” to justify our existence? It’s a psychological necessity — an instinct of self preservation.

In crisis, we dig our heels in even further.

Think of the righteously self-congratulatory act of wearing a mask. Or not wearing a mask — there’s a vocal human constituency for you.

This week I’ll refrain from fluffing my feathers. We’re all weary and emotionally dehydrated. The sand is scorching out feet and the sun is beating down — don’t we all need water to survive?

And what makes us more than just bodies? Our spirit. Our “little light”. The one that God lit on the day we were born.

That stubborn flicker is the source of all magic.

It lies in our belonging to the Almighty.

Elsie Ramsey

New Yorker, Government Relations Professional, Photographer, Bibliophile